NVR systems

Network security solutions are the future of home and business security, a future that begins with a world-class Network Video Recorder (NVR). These recording devices use the local network to send and receive data, and are ideal for remotely monitoring your surveillance system from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Connect AHD or IP cameras to your NVR
See what your cameras see or watch recorded playback no matter where you are.
motion activated push notifications or email alerts to keep
Preinstalled security grade hard drive that can store weeks (even months) of security footage.
Review and analyze all your surveillance videos from a single interface

Protect your assets

Using our NVR Camera system technology you can get better resolution on monitoring your most important assets.

Access remotely and manage anywhere

Installing the NVR system is easy. Our team of alarm installers can help you implement this solution. By using our system you can remotely control your camera system; this will save you time and give you greater visibility on your business.

Get flexibility with award winning features

You can use up to 6 channels for viewing. Whether you have an android or iphone, you can download our app and use it.

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