Fleet and Asset tracking system that helps you manage, control, and be more profitable.

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An easy-to-use GPS Fleet Tracking Solution that provides real-time insight on your assets and workforce. Get detailed insights on your drivers and their: speed, direction, braking, turning, and vehicle statuses. With Garmin and GPS integrations, and wifi-capabilities – our leading-edge system can help your business.

With our easy-to-use hardware and software, you can easily track unnecessary expenditures. Increase your efficiency and boost your profits.

Our Fleet Control features enable you to have better insight on your assets and workforce. With back-up batteries that recharges automatically, you can ensure your equipment is always running.

Find out about your driver’s habits: are they accelerating too hard, or idling too long? Learn to extend the lifespan of your vehicles.



Protect your assets by making sure they are safe, secure, and ready to work. Track all types of assets: know where they are, and ensure your capital is always protected.

Have a rechargeable battery that ensures your equipment is always being monitored. Get alerts on battery status from afar.

Our battery technology is heavily reliable. You will get detailed reports and updates on your battery life; this way you know when to get it repaired or recharged.

Receive status updates such as location, and other data values. If someone tries to tamper with your equipment you can get an alert.